auto3321 art gallery

3321 telegraph ave. oakland, ca

October 2008 "Dead Spaces"

“Dead Spaces”: AUTO3321 exhibits “Vacancy”

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Matthew Reamer,  "Church 1, SF CA",  Archival digital print, 2008

In September 2004, Oakland artists Billy Kroft and Tracy Timmins opened Auto3321 on Telegraph Avenue. The storefront gallery sat below a distinct old building covered in varying shades of house paint. Contrary to the run down paint-chipped-exterior, Auto3321, itself maintained a clean minimalist, and brightly lit gallery space. Auto3321 exhibited emerging and established artists from the Bay Area and beyond, the gallery encouraged both alternative forms of exhibition, as well as traditional methods. Auto 3321 was a founding member of the popular Oakland "Art Murmur". After helping to establish the Telegraph corridor as a vital Bay Area arts district, it was pushed out by real estate interests in a classic example of gentrification.

In 2006, The Thin Ice Collective was born from the ashes of Auto 3321.
It is currently based in Oakland, San Francisco, and New York City. Its curent members are: Serena Cole, Uri Korn, Billy Kroft, Hilary Pecis, Catherine Ryan, Sham Saenz, Zefrey Throwell, and Tracy Timmins.Thin Ice Collective operates as a think tank, responding to and collectively interacting with current political and artistic themes across the globe.

The title of auto3321’s show for “Dead Space” at Lobot is: “Vacancy”.
We find a sad irony to the fact that although we left do to high rent increase, our former space has remained vacant ever since our departure in 2006.
We plan to replicate the gallery to the extent that our available resources allow…

Artists who have exhibited at auto3321 or with the Thin Ice Collective were invited to create work in various mediums no larger than 12” x 12”.

Joshua Blake
John Casey
Shannon Corr
Chantal de Felice
Tara Lisa Foley
Faye Jaime
Jeremy Kirsch
Uri Korn
Marty Lund
Brendan Nakahara
Juliette Oken
Hilary Pecis
Matthew Reamer
Caleb Rogers
Catherine Ryan
Sham Saenz
Andrew Schoultz
Mark Taylor
Joe Teplitz
Jake Watling
Morgan Wick
Paul Wingert
Jessie Wright-Jackson

RIP:auto3321, 3321 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA 94609

Opening: October 4th, 7-10pm
Closing: October 31st, 5-8pm
Otherwise available for viewing by appointment
Location: Lobot Gallery, 1800 Cambell St. Oakland, CA
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